Chapter 3 of mice and men
Updated: 4/29/2020
Chapter 3 of mice and men

Storyboard Text

  • Candy, your dog stinks and he is getting old, ill make it quick.
  • I should have been the one to do it George, I shouldn't have let a stranger do it.
  • What are you laughing at!?
  • Carlson walks in complaining about the dog and how he wants to shoot it and candy says okay
  • Get him Lennie!
  • Candy is crying because he feels bad that he is not the one to shoot his own dog and he says how he loved the dog
  • Your hand got caught in a machine
  • Curley is upset that Lennie is laughing because he thinks he is laughing at him so he gets up in his face
  • I didnt want to hurt them George
  • It is okay Lennie you aint done nothing wrong its not your fault
  • Curley starts hitting Lennie and then George tells him to get him so Lennie grabs his hand and will not let go
  • Slim tells Curley that if he tells anyone that he didn't get his hand caught in a machine or try to get them fired, he would make a laughing stock out of them.
  • George is reassuring Lennie that he is okay and that he knows he didn't meant to and Lennie feels bad because he really didn't want to hurt anyone.