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science class
Updated: 9/28/2020
science class
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  • My name is John Dalton. I am the guy who introduced an early version of the atomic theory in 1803.
  • My theory stated that all elements are composed of atoms, and that they are indivisible and indestructible, atoms of the same element are exactly alike, atoms of different elements are different, and compounds are formed by the joining of atoms of two or more elements.
  • In 1897, I, J.J. Thomson, discovered negatively charged electrons using a cathode ray tube.
  • My experiment went like this, I was studying the passage of an electric current through a gas-filled glass tube, a beam of light was emitted. I placed a magnet around the cathode ray tube causing the light beam to bend. This showed that the particles making up the beam were charged, and that they were affecting the magnet's magnetic field. My model is called the plum pudding model.
  • My name is Emest Rutherford, and I am from New Zealand. I am the dude who conducted the gold foil experiment. In 1908, I fired a stream of tiny positively charged alpha particles at a very thin sheet in gold foil. I had predicted that the particles would only move a few degrees from their paths as they passed through. Instead, the results showed that a number a particles repelled at almost 180 degrees off of the foil while most passed through. I discovered the positively charged center of the atom, called the nucleus and positively charged protons.
  • I discovered neutrons because my teacher was curious about why the particle collisions produced heavier nuclei, but their positive charges stayed. I concluded that the particles were coming from the bombarded nuclei that had no charge, so the particles released would have no charge and would be neutral.
  • My name is James Chadwick, a student of Emest Rutherford, and I discovered neutrons. My model of the atomic nucleus is still accepted today. 
  • My name is Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist. In 1913, I proposed that electrons were located in specific energy levels, and that they traveled in definite orbits around the nucleus. My model of the atom is often called the planetary model
  • My name is Werner Heisenburg, and in 1927, I helped invent the electron cloud model. Electrons are very small, and travel in lanes around the nucleus. The model shows a haze, and in the spots that are darker in the haze, there is a higher probability of an electron being found there.
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