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Social Studies Before/After Effect
Updated: 10/2/2019
Social Studies Before/After Effect
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  • Paleolithic Times
  • Hey, come back here!
  • Must, get, fruits
  • My babies are dead! And we're still starving!
  • So tired!
  • Agriculture Is Discovered
  • I don't have to walk far to get crops!
  • I don't have to chase these cattle
  • Yes, I agree
  • Surplus Amounts Of Food
  • I think we should have another baby!
  • Woohoo, my babies aren't starving!
  • People in the Paleolithic Age were in very bad condition. To find food, they'd have to find it in the wilderness. Women would probably find fruit or vegetables. But men that were nomads would have to try to find animals and hunt them, and it would result in them getting injured, or worse, die! This was very tiresome. Even though, babies would die of starvation, and they would have to move from dangerous cave to another because an area wouldn't have enough food.
  • Permanent Houses
  • After a long day of building, I don't have to move my house anymore!
  • Man, I love living in this not-cave-or-tent-like-structure! Also we don't have to move!
  • The neolithic age was starting. Agriculture was discovered. People learned how to grow crops, meaning they didn't have to walk far. People learned how to domesticate animals, meaning they could make animals useful (ex. wolves or mule). They also learned how to raise animals] (ex. sheep, goats, or cattle for meat) so they didn't have to hunt. Their new discovery was revolutionary! With this new discovery, new laws, ideas, were going to be made
  • Communities And Laws
  • That is how you make a sword
  • Thanks for the house!
  • Because they didn't have to hunt or look for fruits/vegetables, they relied on farms. Eventually people started to grow more and more crops, and raise more and more animals, leading to surplus amounts of food. More food leads to growth in more population
  • Other Jobs and Trading
  • I'll give you this wheat, for your cloth
  • Back then, people had to live in caves or tent-like structures which were very unsafe. Even worse, they had to often move because the animals/plants were there. But because of the neolithic age, people made permanent houses that were very strong and safe. Often round or rectangle with mud bricks, occasionally stones or branches for stronger houses
  • Because people had permanent houses, that meant that people could live together and establish communities. Communities were an advantage for people of the neolithic age. Organizing, work, and more, would be much more efficient because everyone was helping one another. People taught other people how to do their job (ex. a toolmaker teaches others how to make tools, and more tools will be made as an outcome). Also, people had laws so people didn't do bad things
  • I should've followed the law!
  • Yeah! we're both mining meaning we can get more minerals!
  • The priority in the Paleolithic times were to gather food. The main reason why they would move to another shelter was because there was food. But because agriculture was discovered, soon enough there were surplus amounts of food, so they no longer needed to look for food. Because of this, food wasn't the main job. New jobs started to sprout. Like basket weavers or toolmakers, etc. Now, people traded things that were not only food (ex. tools, clothes, or jewels)
  • I'll give you this fruit for your diamond
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