Never Let Me Go Storyboard
Updated: 12/2/2020
Never Let Me Go Storyboard

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  • HAHA Tommy, you're such a FREAK!
  • Oh no, Tommy's blue polo. I hope he doesn't get mud all over it.
  • One of the first interactions in the book is how Tommy and Kathy became friends.
  • That Tommy kid is SO weird!
  • We learn that none of the Hailsham kids can have kids. But before we read about this, Madame sees Kathy dancing to a song, holding a "baby" to her chest.
  • This song makes me so happy!
  • I can't believe we're at the cottages now!
  • Ruth, Kathy, and Tommy have left Hailsham and are now at the cottages with new people.
  • I just don't understand why she always acts like she knows what they are talking about it.
  • Ruth is leaving Tommy and Kathy now to be more included with the verterns, and Kathy is getting frustrated.
  • Hi Ruth, I'm your new carer.
  • Kathy has left the cottages and has now chosen to be Ruth's carer after a few years.
  • Kathy reunites Tommy and Ruth by taking them to see a boat. To make them both happy.
  • Hi Tommy! It's so great to see you again.