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king oedipus revised
Updated: 9/23/2020
king oedipus revised
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  • One day in thebes,there was a plague that has killed alot of people because there was no wya of solving this, and the priest said that the only way for the cure to end is to kill the murdered of king Laius.
  • Then Oepidus came to thebes to investigate the death of his father but suddenly a sphinx was blocking the gate, but t be able to enter, he needs to answer the riddle of the sphinx .When he got the riddle the sphinx died
  • the answer is Man
  • What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?
  • When he answered the riddle, he claimed the throne and the queen herself as a reward who is her mother. years later, they conceived 4 children
  • Later on, oepidus met a man named Tiresias the blind prophet, who is a witness in the murder of King Laius.
  • I maybe blind to see but i am not blind to the truth, you killed King Laius
  • King Oepidus decides to stab his own eyes out because he became blind to the truth and a way of punishing himself of hig ignorance
  • Suddenly, Oepidus went back to the room to kill Jocasta because of what he heared, but it was too late that jocasta already killed herself when she heared the prophecy of King Oepidus
  • King Oepidus left thebes, he left his 2 sons in thebes to rule but killed each other for power, 1 of her 2 daughter antigone commits suicide and but ismene manages to survive. later on, King Oepidus eventually dies and is buried in Colonus
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