World History Medieval Comic

Updated: 5/12/2020
World History Medieval Comic

Storyboard Text

  • This winter's going to be tough. We don't have any food.
  • But I'm so hungry. How will we survive?
  • Something needs to change. We can't keep suffering through winter.
  • I agree. Let's try to change up how we farm.
  • There are so many problems. We can't plow through this tough soil and we are too slow!
  • The peasants are struggling to survive with almost no food in winter.
  • Let's see if the blacksmith could make us a iron plow.
  • Yes! That would work better than the wood in the tough soil of Eastern Europe.
  • The peasants decide to change their farming.
  • Great idea! Now we can have larger farms.
  • Using horses instead of oxen will make plowing faster
  • There are too many problems with how they are farming right now. They can't benefit from farming.
  • This is amazing. Because of our new technologies, us peasants can farm more and not suffer through the winter!
  • Yes, the combination of iron plows, horses to pull them, and the three-field system have saved us!
  • The peasants decide that an iron plow would work much better for the tough soil they have to plow.
  • Also they decide to make a harness that allows them to use horses to plow. This allows them to farm much faster.
  • Because of all the new technologies, the peasants won't suffer this winter. Along with new plows and horses to pull the plows, they adopt the three-field system that allows then to farm more land.