once in a shooting star
Updated: 2/5/2021
once in a shooting star

Storyboard Text

  • everything is going like i wanted soon she is going to be out of the kingdom
  • i know what she is trying to do spoiled brat
  • But dad i need more money
  • she did not just kick me spoiled brat i hope you get bit by a fire ant
  • OMG she stole my idea okay just stand and smile
  • oh honey just split mabel´s money and give it to them
  • fine
  • i hate them so much they were a mistake
  • this is why i like mabel better she is nice and gives me treats
  • oh we don´t have enough money is that okay
  • i hate that spoiled brat
  • i hate my wife i should divorce her
  • hey at least it is not a bucket of paint again
  • sure it is okay