The Lost Phone
Updated: 5/15/2020
The Lost Phone
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  • Why does she act like I'm her maid?
  • Ok. I'll do both of our chores.
  • You have to sweep the floors, wash the dishes, mow the lawn, and cook dinner.
  • I'm going to a costume party! I'll be back by midnight. Make my bed and don't go outside.
  • Olivia has a sister that treated her terribly named Emily. She made Olivia do all the chores and never let her have fun. Olivia tried to tell her parents about the situation, but they never listened to her; Emily was obviously their favorite daughter.
  • This party is great! I'm so glad I came!
  • I love costume parties!
  • One night, Emily decided to go to a costume party. She snuck out of the house and told Olivia she'd be back by midnight. Olivia cried as she thought of the fun Emily would be having without her; she had never been to a party, Emily made sure of that.
  • Hey! Come back! Where are you going?! I never even got your name.
  • I'm sorry, I have to go!
  • After Emily left, Olivia decided that enough was enough. She put on a dress she had from the previous halloween and went to the costume party. She wasn't going to let Emily ruin her fun any longer, so she snuck out of the house.
  • Here's your phone. Do you want to go get pizza?
  • I'd love to!
  • Once Olivia arrived at the party, she met a boy named Ben. They talked and danced all night and had a great time. Olivia was the happiest she'd ever been, but was sure to look out for Emily in case she spotted her and brought her back home.
  • As she danced, Olivia lost track of time. When she checked her phone, she noticed that it was 11:50 and that Emily was on her way home; she quickly ran out of the party. In her hurry, she dropped her phone; Ben picked it up and told himself that he would find her
  • The next day, Ben went all over town looking for the girl who had dropped her phone the night before. FInally, he reached Olivia's house and knocked on the door. Olivia answeed, and told him her name. They went out for pizza and had a lot of fun together.
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