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Updated: 2/5/2020
makenzie project
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  • French & Indian War (1754-1763)
  • Proclamation of (1763)
  • Sugar Act (1764)
  • The new sugar act is awful!
  • The cause of the French and Indian war was the colonist wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley and trade with the Indians. The effects were Great Britain gained all the land east of Mississippi
  • Stamp Act (1756)
  • Make the stamp act stop!
  • This is terrible we should not have taxes.
  • The cause of the Proclamtaion war was King George didn't want there to be anymore wars so he had the colonist not go by the Ohio River Valley, but the colonies still went and ignored him.
  • Quartering Act (1765)
  • The colonist are not for our soldiers to sleep in a house.
  • The cause of the Sugar Act was the Parliament needed to pay off the seven years war and needed help from the colonist. So they starting taxing sugar,color dye,molasses,etc)
  • Forming of the Sons of Liberty (1765)
  • The Sons of Liberty destroying the home of a British stamp agent.
  • The cause of the Stamp Act was aruging was the only way of own representatives assemblies could tax them because the Stamp Act would help Britain pay for French and Indian war.
  • The cause of the Quartering Act was the king advisors made British troops stay in North America to defend the colonies. So they left Britain with a huge dept.
  • The cause of the Sons of Liberty when they started protesting against the Stamp Act and harassing the Stamp Act distributors. They protested to tax tea but ships in Boston but the tea into the water.
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