Updated: 2/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Abominations
  • I'm going to kill you.
  • Noooo.
  • Philosophies
  • Simon says to do what I do.
  • Inventions
  • invention
  • Whats this?
  • This is abominations and my picture shows a man hurting or killing a family member. This shows this because the one of the 10 abominations is about killing.
  • Dynasties
  • We are equal.
  • this is picture is showing the philosophies Confucianism. It leads by example so in my picture I made it look like a game of Simon says.
  • My picture shows two emperors looking at a box aka the new invention and they are confused.
  • Han Dynasty this picture shows a woman and a man standing face to face and a equal sign to show that men and women had equal rights.