The Super Bowl Master
Updated: 2/3/2020
The Super Bowl Master
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  • The Great Super Bowl Run!!
  • Not on my watch!
  • The Super Bowl is coming I need to get going!
  • Run!!!
  • The Great Super Bowl Run!!
  • Where is he?
  • Activate invisible powers!
  • Great Super Bowl Run!!
  • RUN!!!!!
  • Where is he?
  • Seahawk the great God of the NFL is about to go to the Super Bowl but then the evil witch God of the NBA doesn't like football and she tries to stop him from getting to the Super Bowl game in time.
  • I hope that I don't miss the Super Bowl. I'm going to take a nap.
  • They fly around chasing each other and Seahawks needs to get to the game but then he finds a tree house. He turns invisible and goes and hides in a tree house until she passes him. He had to wait awhile because she kept flying around the tree house.
  • Don't go I just want to watch the game with you.
  • Oh really? Well come one its almost half time!
  • At last Seahawk finally makes it to the football game at last. He lands right in the middle of the field. But luckily he was still invisible. But that didn't make it so that he didn't feel the pain then a football player would run into him. But then suddenly he saw one of the evil witches workers and had to get out.
  • 49ers!
  • Seahawks ran and he went into what he thought was a cave but it wasn't. We just stayed in there and hid but he was going to miss the football game!!
  • I'll just sleep until I know that he's gone.
  • Then one of the evil witches helpers came and found him sleeping standing and he woke him up. He tried to run but he told him not to. But he was already outside the concrete bridge. It turns out that he just wanted to watch the game together.
  • So all in all they went to the game together with the evil witch they convinced her to come. They made it to where the Chiefs were up by 2 touchdowns. In the end they all had a good time then the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. In the end they all became friends.
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