Lord of the Flies epilogue (Part 1)
Updated: 12/9/2020
Lord of the Flies epilogue (Part 1)

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  • United Kingdom, 1950s3 months after being rescued from the island
  • After the boys shared tear-filled moment, they're all escorted to the helicopter to leave.
  • An unendurable silence rode all the way home with them as they contemplated their past actions, knowing that that island would haunt them forever.
  • However..., that is not the only reason there was such a strong tension sitting between the boys.
  • Training CampThe soldiers had brought the young boys to their original destination where they trained day and night.
  • One of the boys overheard the soldiers talking and claimed that their time on that island was part of their training. It was survival of the fittest. Of course most of the other boys refused to believe such a thing so they all dismissed it as a joke.
  • This haunted Ralph the most. How could someone do that to a group of young boys? Ralph grew a deep rage for the war & wanted nothing to do with it. He often got punished for not participating in any of the training activities with the other boys & assumed the reputation of the "trouble kid".
  • Occasionally, a small group of boys would be taken from the camp; no one ever knew where they went.
  • They were told very little about the war they were participating in, as well as what was occurring outside of the camp.
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