Updated: 1/29/2021

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  • Hello mom, I'm having trouble with familiarizing all these scientists and their contribution to the Electromagnetic Wave Theory. I wanted to ask for your help.
  • Sure, sweetie. I do know a thing or two about those scientists.
  • Well, I already know about James Clerk Maxwell and how he was the first to notice that the electrical and magnetic could come together to form electromagnetic waves. He was also considered as the Father of Modern Physics.
  • Yes! And Einstein himself also said that Maxwell's theory helped paved the way for his Theory of Relativity.
  • Really? That does seem interesting. Maybe this isn't as boring as I thought it would be.
  • Indeed, there's also Heinrich Hertz, you may be familiar with him since the unit of frequency of a radio wave was named after him when he proved the existence of radio waves with an experiment.
  • How about Michael Faraday? It said something about discovering some induction stuff.
  • You must mean the electromagnetic induction. It is the principle behind electric generators. But he especially made contributions to the electromagnetic theory of light!
  • The revolutionary discovery made by André-Marie Ampère was that a wire carried electric current, which also carries electrical current, can attract or repel another wire next to it.
  • Oh! I know that! He also went on to formulate Ampere’s Law of Electromagnetism and produced the best definition of electric current during his time.
  • You're right! Now let's move on to the final one, Hans Christian Oersted
  • Oersted concluded that there is a circular magnetic field around the electric current when he found that a nearby magnet could be moved by the electric current flowing through a wire.
  • Wow, this really cleared a lot of things for me. Thanks a lot, Mom! You really are the best.
  • It inspired the development of the Electromagnetic Wave Theory!
  • Of course, I'm always happy to help.