Journey of a red Blood Cell Storyboard by Temi
Updated: 3/9/2020
Journey of a red Blood Cell Storyboard by Temi
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  • My journey begins here, in the bone where I am created. I need to wait a bit until I am chosen to go into the heart.
  • vena cava
  • Heart 
  • Here I am in thecapillaries which will lead me to the heart, I'm a deoxygenated cell for now but that will change soon!
  • I got into the vena cava and then got pushed into the right atrium. It started to contract and shoved me through the tricuspid and then into the right ventricle. Then, the right ventricle contracted and pushd me out of the heart through the semi lunar. I am now heading towards the lungs.
  • I made it into the lungs using the pulmonary artery. When I was in the lungs, I picked up some oxygen which made me oxygenated. Now I'm going to make my way back into the heart via the pulmonary vein into the left atrium.
  • I entered the left atrium and it started to contract, it pushed me through the bicuspid which put me into the left ventricle. Then it contracted, pushed me through the semilunar, and out of the heart into the aorta.
  • I've just visited the kidney trunk and I'm now going to other lower limbs where I will deliver oxygenated blood and get carbon dioxide.
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