Updated: 11/25/2020

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  • we are here today for ascertain whether Tom Robinson is guilty of rape, this is not a venial crime
  • If I can win this case I will have figured out a panacea to moving towards equal rights
  • Jem, Atticus seems awfully nonchalant
  • I asked someone to come in and help me and he converged towards me, but now that I'm looking at him the resemblance is uncanny
  • You said someone held you down with one and punched you with the other Ms. Ewell, but Robinson only has one working arm
  • Stop acting supercilious Finch
  • thank you for your cogent testimony, Atticus will now have a chance to expunge it
  • Scout its because Tom is black and when a black goes against a white person they always lose. Whites are invulnerable when put against blacks
  • The court has decided that Tom Robinson is guilty of rape
  • that's malevolent!! There was no proof!
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