Tom Sawyer Comic
Updated: 3/12/2020
Tom Sawyer Comic

Storyboard Text

  • hopefully those other boys don't come around! They'll surely make fun of me for working! Unless....
  • "Stop her Sir! Ting-a-Ling-Ling! Ship up to back! Ting-A-Ling-Ling!"
  • I'm heading to the pool. I'd ask if you would want to come, but you druther work wouldn't you?
  • What you call work?
  • ain't that work?
  • Say, you think it would be ok to whitewash for a bit?
  • Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, all I know is that it fits Tom Sawyer.
  • Nah, I don't know, Aunt Polly want it a special way, If you mess up, I could get in serious trouble.
  • Ill give you my apple core?
  • Ill give you the whole apple!
  • No No I don't think I could Poss...
  • Deal.