Comparison (Health)
Updated: 9/9/2020
Comparison (Health)

Storyboard Text

  • Omg did you see how ugly she look, almost like she didn't even put an effort into looking nice. Like us
  • I thought I looked nice
  • The next day
  • Whoa.... You look really nice today
  • Thanks, but bye I have to get to class
  • She's been acting really weird, Why is she hanging out with them??
  • hahahahahaha
  • Im sorry I told Amber and Rylie I would sit with them
  • Hey. I have been wanting to talk to you can you sit with me?
  • Hey Addi over here
  • Hey do you want to come home with me and we can do home work
  • Yeah I may have to leave early to go over to Amber and Rylie's though
  • Hey I just wanted to say that I've been concerned. you have change your clothes and changed who you hang out with
  • You don't have to change just to please them the only person you should want to please is God, be-cause he is the only person that will always love you
  • I over heard them talking about me and saying that I was weird so I wanted to be more popular so I changed a little
  • Ya know what you are right I'm sorry Abby