Peer pressure
Updated: 2/18/2021
Peer pressure

Storyboard Text

  • 2) Oh yeah me too
  • 1) Hey do you think that you could help me with the assignment
  • 3) yeah sure we can meet up after school
  • 2) yeah that sounds fair
  • 3) oh, I was just thinking that you guys could do them for me ya'll are much better than me and I will just hold you back
  • 1) why don't we split up the problems
  • 2)definitely not cool, we should all equally do the work
  • 4)yeah thats not being a very good friend, it is not rigt using peer pressure
  • 3)if you guy were my real friends you would do it for me it's just a stupid homework grade anyway
  • 3) im sorry but you should do your own work.
  • 1) well, I don't really think that that is fair