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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • This is the White House!!!
  • Black Codes
  • We kept fighting for slaves freedom and we finally got it.
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • The main idea of the Presidential Reconstruction was to rebuild the Presidents foundation because it had fell apart. It fell apart when Lincoln was assassinated.
  • White League & KKK
  • The Black Codes were codes for African Americans to follow. The codes where abolished after the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were passed.
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • Radical Reconstruction was the Reconstruction dealing with law makings. It was bad because it caused issues with the South, but it was good because it structured the United States to make them all have to be under the same law, rights, and rules that they have to follow.
  • Compromise of 1877
  • The White League and the KKK came together to fight for their freedom to do what they want in the South. They were defeated thought by the North, so they really didn't get what they want.
  • The Freedmen's Bureau was a set up make for free African Americans. It was set up so they could have a life and live. They gave them houses, food, water, counseling, a hospital, an education, and more.
  • The Compromise of 1877 was an unwritten document that settled the presidential problems. It settled the uneasiness of the South and the North about who was going to be president for the United States.
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