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Hero's Journey Comic
Updated: 9/15/2020
Hero's Journey Comic
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Dr. Stone

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  • The Beginning / Call
  • There once lived a boy called R. He lived in a ordinary world doing ordinary things, such as staring out at the ocean.
  • Refusal / Mentor
  • HEY!
  • As R walked around town, he began to panic as everyone was just a rock. R started to question himself and whether he wanted to live on anymore.
  • Allies and Enemies
  • R was able to meet up with the stranger. Strange enough, R knew him. The strangers name was Jr and was a science genius that was in R's biology class.
  • HELP!
  • Hey it's a man!
  • All of a sudden, the world became bright for exactly 3 seconds. When R opened his eyes, everyone but him turned into stone. The threshold has been crossed
  • Ordeal / Innermost Cave
  • The human giant beats the tiger with 1 punch and introduces himself as Con. Con use to be top of his class for MMA fighting and is very physical and deadly. Con's goals were to eradicate the human race by destroying the rock bodies.
  • Hours past with R having no luck of spotting any sign of life, until he saw a speck of green out of his eye. He called out to the stranger and ran towards him.
  • Reward / Preparing
  • As Jr was a science genius, him and R were able to create weapons and many scientific innovations such as electricity and fuel. They were preparing to fight Con
  • As the day progressed, Jr and R were able to meet up with Con and use their scientific weapons to defeat him. With Con, the main threat to humanity gone, they were able to focus on restoring the human race.
  • As R and Jr chatted it up, they explored more of the mysterious land. Deep in the exploration, they ran into a tiger that started to chase them. With no tools or weapons, they had to run. Luckily, they found a human giant who was starting to crack and return to human form.
  • Resurrection / Elixer
  • Hours passed as R lied there motionless. All of a sudden, R wakes. Jr, crying, screams and asks how he was alive. R tells Jr that were was a piece of rock that hadn't been broken on the back of his neck that saved him. Both of them realized that now, they have to defeat Con in order to save the human race.
  • As R and Jr talked to Con, they realized that his plans were horrendous so they tried to stop Con. Con took this as an offense and hits R right in the neck. Jr checks for R's pulse but he feels nothing so Jr quickly runs off with R into a cave to hide.
  • As R and Jr were preparing for the fight against Con, they were able to discover that sap from certain oak tree was able to restore and break the stone statues allowing them to return to normal. They were planning to restore the human race after they defeated Con.
  • As time went by, the world slowly was turning back to normal with an increasing numbers of humans returning back to normal. Jr and R were able to save the human race!
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