Russian Revolution StoryBoard
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian Revolution StoryBoard
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  • BEFORE: Bloody Sunday
  • Open fire on the factory workers!
  • During: February Revolution
  • We want more food!
  • AFTER: Civil War
  • We will now form the Soviet Union!
  • The Czar's soldiers firing upon the protesters.
  • BEFORE: Czar Nicholas II
  • I have created the "Duma," it'll give you all more freedom!
  • This Duma thing really sucks
  • Russian workers on strike for more food, this forced Nicholas II to set up a temp. gov. called the "Provisional Government." Nicholas II lost his army and citizens, he gave up the throne.
  • DURING: October Revolution
  • I promise Peace, Land, and Bread!
  • After a battle between the Red Army and White Army, the Red army came out victorious and form the Soviet Union.
  • AFTER: War Communism
  • We need your grains and food for our army.
  • Czar Nicholas II announcing the creation of the Duma allowing Peasants more freedom and limiting the Czar's power.
  • Vladimir Lenin rises up and overthrows the Provisional Government and replaces it with the Bolshevik Government.
  • .Lenin introduced a new police called "War Communism" and peasants would be forced to give up grains and food to feed the Russian Army
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