Updated: 3/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Fur-ball wakes up in a white room. There is a golden dogie door floating in the air with a flying pork chop next to it.
  • When Fur-ball comes through the gate there is a room with a bunch of meat . There are hundreds of dogs eating. A pork chop is flying in front of Fur-ball face.
  • Fur-ball grabs the meat and as he eats it he grows a pair of wings . He flies around and he keeps eating and eating. He loves the food.
  • Football meets a dog with really big and beautiful wings. It is doggy heaven god. Furball asks to be reborn and return as a puppy in Maria's household. God says yes and snaps his paws together.
  • He wakes up in a young body and as he looks around,he see Maria. It turns out Maria had gotten a new dog after Fur-ball had died. This was a different house than the one he had lived in before.
  • Maria picked up Fur-ball as a woman walked into the room. Maria said hi Mom thank you for letting me and Matt stay here with you. Mat walks into the room with a smile on his face and says finally were free. Fur-ball Maria and Matt live happy ever after.