Physical Science
Updated: 1/16/2021
Physical Science

Storyboard Text

  • wow Kevin isn't it amazing we've been chosen in over a thousands students in our school to witness Kepler's law
  • i know right this is going to be exciting come on lets see how it goes
  • You're right and we're going to witness the keplers law now kevin
  • We're finally here John inside of the space shuttle
  • Okay everyone, what a wonderful space day today right now from here on our location we will see the 3 Keplers Law describing the motion of the planets in the solar system
  • First is suppose that this ellipse is where the planet Earth moves. The Earth moves along the ellipse around the Sun. The Sun is located at either one of foci of the ellipse.
  • Now, let us move on to the second law
  • The second law describes the speed at which any given planet will move while orbiting the sun. Know that when a planet is close to the sun, it moves fast but when a planet is far from the sun, it moves slowly.
  • The 3rd law in so called law of harmonies in which the squares of the sidereal periods of the planets are directly proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun