Us History 1st hour
Updated: 10/3/2018
Us History 1st hour
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  • We need a new government
  • Let's make a new constitution
  • yes that would verys amrt to go along with the new government.
  • I need to write about this problem
  • "A Constitutional Convention Is Called" 1786 a series of events began that eventually form a new government. September delegates from five states met in Annapolis, Maryland, to talk about ways to promote trade. They believed making trade laws would help the economics. They would have to regulate the article of confederations.
  • They all elected me as president, I am the prsident.
  • "The Convention's Delegates" The Constitutional Convention became known and the 55 delegates were an impressive group. Most helped write their state constitutions. The other leaders were called the founding fathers. They were, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson.
  • I have a government plan called the Virginia plan
  • "The Delegates Assemble" Most of the delegates arrived at the constitutional convention without a clear idea of what to expect. Back in 1776 many american thoughts that government was in the main threat to people's rights. As a result the government that could be maintain order. Madison later wrote about this problem.
  • The laws were passed and they had anew government
  • " The Convention Begins" They need to elect a president, Robert Morris nominated George Washington sue to him being respected. Every delegate voted for him. He set a dignified and serious tone for the the convention. 
  • "The Virginia Plan" May 29th delegates started to work on the the designing of a new national government presiding over the convention. George realized that Edmund Randolph was first speaker.Madison, Randolph, and other virginia delegates draw up a plan while they waited for the convention to start.
  • "The great compromise" The Virginia Plan won and became the framework for drafting the Constitution. During the rest of june the delgets were fighting over who would be represented.Emotion ran high as the delgets struggle for solution. They would all have a equal amount of people voting. In July 156, 1787, the convention passed it.
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