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Updated: 9/24/2019
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  • We are gathered here today for one reason and one reason only, to resolve the issue
  • I'm here to Sue Mr.McCulloch for collection of debt.
  • With all due respect I am innocent.
  • Martin: The constitution did not give the national government to create a bank
  • Webster: I am aware that the power to create a bank was not expressed in the constitution but they have have the ability to pass laws that are necessary. The national government has the final authority
  • The problem was Maryland sued James McCulloch for collection of debt .
  • Marshall: No state can use its power to tax the national government
  • John Marshall: Chief JusticeJames McCulloch: Cashier of the Baltimore Branch of the Bank Daniel Webster: represented the national government William Pinkney: represented the national government Luther Martin represented Maryland 
  • With this ruling we can now further develop nationalism and create a unified economy
  • The national government must be obeyed. Article I, section 8 The "Necessary and Proper" clause gave congress the power to establish a national bank.
  • Marshall established the concept of national supremacy. Marshall's ruling was based on the supremacy clause.
  • If the opposing argument won it would have led to the national government unable to expand the nation at the time.
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