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Volcano's with the science team
Updated: 3/26/2020
Volcano's with the science team
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Storyboard Description

Kleiner and Barney went exploring inside a volcano, while Vance and Gordon look for them, everyone explaining volcanoes

Storyboard Text

  • well you see barney, volcanoes have fascinated for a long time, and i thought it would be best to get an up close look at one,
  • Kleiner, what are we doing down here?!
  • this is very close to the magma chamber, do you know what that is barney?
  • well yes, it is the place in a volcano where the magma is stored,
  • it sounds like trouble,
  • the pipe would be the best option, it is the place the magma will rise, once there, the opening, commonly know as 'the vent' will expel gasses and molten rock,
  • things are gettin a bit hot down here! . . . i hope Dr. Vance and Gordon had better luck
  • how do we get out of here?!
  • where is Kleiner and barney? there running late. . .
  • if Kleiner went where i think he did, then he would have to make his way from the magma chamber, through the pipe, and out the vent,
  • ah! there you are Kleiner! we only have a few more volcanoes to visit! we visited a cinder cone, now we just need to find a lava dome, composite volcano, and a shield volcano
  • next time take gordon with you, not me
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