The denizen of the White House
Updated: 11/4/2020
The denizen of the White House

Storyboard Description

President Trump and Vice President Pence meet at the White House to discuss reelection. The President seemed very concerned and starts praying.

Storyboard Text

  • Denizen: An inhabitant or occupant of a particular place
  • In 2016 Donald trump and Mike pence was elected President and vice President of the United States and became denizen of the White House. During their presidency in 2020 the United States was faced with a pandemic COVID-19.
  • What's up Pence?
  • STOP! You got to stand 6 feet. I'm not trying to get no COVID!
  • I'm praying! We need help.
  • OMG! I don't want to leave the White House! I have to win reelection.
  • Hey man what you doing!
  • WTH! Is he crying?
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