Chinese revolution final
Updated: 5/8/2020
Chinese revolution final

Storyboard Text

  • Nationalists: "We are the nationalists, but we need stop this civil war to team up and go fight the Japanese!"
  • Communists:"We are the communists and we won this civil war all thanks to the all powerful Mao!"
  • Mao Zedong: "My name is Mao Zedong. My small army of red guards that are communists just defeated the nationalists in a civil war. I will now be the chairman of China."
  • Red army or communists: "Everyone is required to have the red book with them at all times!"
  • Children: "wow that is so cool!"
  • Mao:"I am sad to tell you all, but I have to resign from my position. However, you children are going to be part of something called the cultural revolution . You all are now red guards. Congrats!"
  • Children: "Yes sir!"
  • Mao:"You children have a job. It is to get rid of any one that shows bourgeoisie values or anti communist values. Don't trust anyone over 30 except me. Not even your own parents!"
  • Children:"Look Mao, we caught all of the adults and put the rest of them that we didn't get on the dazibao!" Being part of the cultural revolution is great! no more rules from parents..."