scene in Prisoner B-3087
Updated: 1/16/2020
scene in Prisoner B-3087
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  • "What? No?"
  • I Need to take your kids. I need 7000 jews. We must prove to them that we arent good at working. Give me your kids
  • "Uncle Moshe!!"
  • "Shnell, Shenll"
  • *I wanna try and escape*
  • "You won't ever be able to escape"
  • Chapter one was letting us know about the situation. Chapter two was everything shutting down and jews not being able to do much. Chapter three was them getting walled in and new rules being made. Chapter four was them going to the bread factory every night. Chapter five was when they were making people leave. Chapter six was when all the people were out as in the scene above and they were saying how they wanted to take their kids. There was also a bar mitzvah. Chapter seven is when they were getting in the pigeon coop to live. Chapter eight is when his parents were getting taken away.
  • These chapters were interesting. Yanik found his uncle moshe and they started working together. They had to clean out the flats and found a dead body but they also found there mom and dads coat. They had seemed stuff in and it was money. So they stole there money and uncle moshe hid it where nobody would ever find it. Uncle moshe died and no they have no money or food.
  • In these chapters they were in the salt mine. Most of it was them talking about how you cant escape even if you tried. The salt mine is just a big maze that never ends. They were exploring and found like a chaderal and people with salt around them. I think that there was a place there with people and something happened and now its full of salt.
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