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AP CSP Vocab storyboard
Updated: 9/26/2019
AP CSP Vocab storyboard
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Storyboard Description

By: Kaydence Meloche

Storyboard Text

  • That is awesome! I have my own IP Address too.
  • Wow! today was my birthday and I got an special IP address that is my assigned number to the computer, and it is connected to the internet.
  • I have a great idea, I have a router here. Which is a computer that forwards data across a network. We should use our IP addresses to send each other messages. How would that work though?
  • Well Emily … we could use packets to send our messages. The packets are information that have been formed from big chunks of information. They can help send messages and types of communication.
  • I think we just came up with a new Innovation! That is a new improved idea or development. We figured out how to send messages!
  • OMG! you are so correct Em! it could also be an abstraction as much as it might seem simple. It really is not. It is just a simplied version of what is actaully happening. It helps us hide the more complex details.
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