Seth's English Assignment
Updated: 3/15/2020
Seth's English Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Who are they?
  • Are you one of Janina´s friends?
  • Yeah, I was in her class in year 1
  • WHATTT!!
  • One day Jermain Jeenah arrived at school and wanted to play with her friends.
  • I wonder what they are talking about?
  • Who is that person that keeps hanging out with you?
  • She's one of my friends from year 1. We haven't hung out in ages
  • When she got closer she noticed there were other people that were playing with her friends.
  • I'm as scared as a rabbit after hearing the howl of a wolf. I'm crying a million tears!
  • Jermain Jeenah ran away straight after hearing what Janina's friend told her. She was very upset.
  • I'm sorry about today, I was just trying to be nice to one of my other friends
  • When we got to class I decided to ask Janina what she had been doing with her friend when she wasn't with Jermain Jeenah.
  • After school Jermain Jeenah was only thinking about Janina using her and now moving onto someone else.
  • After school Janina went to Jermain Jeenah's house to see if she was okay. It turned out that she was worrying a bit too much because Janina would never leave her friend like that.
  • It's okay I just didn't know. I thought you didn't like me anymore