Act 1 Scene 2 - Katelynn House
Updated: 2/22/2021
Act 1 Scene 2 - Katelynn House

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  • My daughter is still too young, give it two summers.
  • Here Peter, take this paper and tell all these people of the party
  • Paris I am having a party, I shall have you added to the guest list. Juliet will be there, along with many other beautiful women.
  • Romeo you just need another woman
  • Find the people on this list! I don't even know how to read!!
  • I'm locked up in a prison and deprived of food. I'm whipped and tortured.
  • Paris asks Lord Capulet if he may be the one to marry Juliet, whereabouts Capulet says she is still to young. Peter stands in the background.
  • Pardon me, but can you read?
  • What do you say to my request? May I be the one to marry Juliet?
  • Lord Capulet invites Paris to the party he will be hosting at his house later in the evening, he says Juliet will be attending and that he may try and court her, but other women will be there too. He also gives Peter the guest list
  • “Signor Martino and his wife and daughters, Count Anselme and his beautiful sisters, Vitruvio’s widow, Signor Placentio and his lovely nieces, Mercutio and his brother Valentine, My uncle Capulet and his wife and daughters, My fair niece Rosaline and Livia, Signor Valentio and his cousin Tybalt,Lucio and the lively Helena. Where are they supposed to come?
  • Peter states the fact that he doesn't know how to read while he sets off with the list. Romeo and Benvolio talk in the background
  • We should go Romeo. The woman you call beautiful will be there, just wait til I show you other beautiful woman. More stunning than Rosaline
  • Peter asks Romeo and Benvolio if they can read. Romeo responds in which he can read if he knows the langauge, and he reads it for Peter.
  • If I know the letter and language. But yes I can read this.
  • Romeo asks where the list of people supposed to come, and Peter says to his master's which is Lord Capulet, Peter invites Romeo and Benvolio to come up as well.
  • To my Master's house, the rich Lord Capulet. And as long as you are no Montague, feel welcome to join us tonight
  • Benvolio suggests that he and Romeo shall go to the party at the Capulet's so that he may show Romeo another woman, to help with his love sickness. Romeo agrees but only so that he can see his love, Rosaline
  • I'll go, but not because you will show me another woman, but instead to see Rosaline