story board 3
Updated: 12/16/2019
story board 3
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  • I can't really hear you. But wait a minute who are.
  • I am Medium Man!!!!! I've taken everyone's powers, your next.
  • Your the kid who's faster than the speed of light
  • I could probably outrun him and stop him.
  • Bobby, wait no no, Speedy Singh.
  • Hahahha, you can't beat me, I can slow you down. What's your name
  • Water should slow you down.
  • Going at the speed of light can cause a lot of attention from evil beings.
  • Hahah, can't move now can you Speedy Singh.
  • Bobby encounters Medium Man, a villain who shoots different mediums to slow speedsters down. Bobby creates a new name for himself, Speedy Singh, and decides to wear a mask.
  • Speedy Singh is running towards Medium Man, but he shoots a lot of water which slows down Speedy Singh. However he dodges the shot, and moves closer to him.
  • Take that Medium Man. Phew, hopefully this is the only villain I fight.
  • Nooooooooooooo!!!!
  • When Speedy Singh gets close to Medium man he puts down quick sand.
  • Why I go the fastest I've ever gone. Here goes.
  • Why can't I move.
  • Speedy Singh got away from the quicksand as he's the fastest one alive, but Medium Man has some other tricks up his sleeve.
  • Speedy Singh vibrates too fast that he's able to melt the ice. Ice and other mediums might slow him down, but he's still the fastest alive. He breaks free and beats Medium Man as he punches him at a fast speed.
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