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French War
Updated: 10/3/2020
French War
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  • The Americans did not return the favor leaving France broke.
  • Yeah but they said they would help us if we need it.
  • That sure was a lot of money and supplies we gave to america for their war.
  • The middle class or bourgeoisie were responsible for carrying the higher classes under the Estate system.
  • Why do the King and his friends get to eat while we starve to death?!
  • Aren't the people starving, my King and Queen?
  • Yeah but we can buy things with their tax money so fun for us!!
  • Well they can just eat our cake!!
  • We swear to "not to separate and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the Constitution of the kingdom is established." (This was known as The Tennis Court Oath.)
  • Since we have unfair representation in the Estates General, we should create our own assembly. (This new assembly was the National Assembly.)
  • During the French Revolution, women from the 3rd Estate marched on the Palace of Versailles demanding food and goods.
  • During The Reign of Terror many members of different Estates, including the King, Queen, and Robespierre (the guy who was responsible for the Reign of Terror) were beheaded by the guillotine.
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