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Updated: 9/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The hairy soup!!
  • Tasha is making chicken soup for her family
  • Kara had found hair in her soup and thought her sibling did it for revenge after she left the to ride the us for school.
  • Eww! I just found hair in my soup. Who did it?
  • We did not!!
  • Tasha heard her children arguing so she went over to see whats going on
  • There's hair in my soup ,but it wasn't there before. One of them had to do it and their hair is black.
  • We didn't do anything there's hair our soup too.
  • Hey, What's going on here!
  • They found out that it was hair in al of their soup and the hair was tashas. Tasha had rememberd that she didid her hair before cookng and scratched it over the
  • MOM!! That's so nasty.
  • OMG I'm so sorry its my hair do not et the soup. I was flipping and scratching my hair or the soup. i was in such of an rush earlier.
  • YEAH!!
  • Hey Do you guys want pizza!!