horror thing

Updated: 3/8/2021
horror thing

Storyboard Text

  • Start (cemetery)
  • Hidden Staircase
  • Secret Room
  • This is the start point of my horror maze map which will tell you the rules and goal of the game.To move to the next part you will have to find letters hidden under graves to try to find the hidden entrance to then progress to the next stage.
  • The Mine
  • This is meant to be my hidden stairs to progress to a secret roomsorry for the bad drawing
  • The Mine (minecart)
  • to open the hidden stairs you will have to find a lever (in the tree)there will be a chest in the room with a minecart inside. TIP this will help the player to escape faster
  • Llama Land (the end)
  • once you find the lever and open stairs it will take you to the mine you will have to defeat enemys
  • if you have the minecart you can place the minecart on the track and go toward the exit but if you don't you'll have to walk and defeat the enemys
  • when you reach the end you'll have to find Doug the llama and claim your reward (llamas will have names)