Updated: 7/18/2020

Storyboard Description

Homework of English

Storyboard Text

  • Minutes after...
  • Uhmm. I don´t believe so. You should keep walking and go at home.
  • Everything is OK! Don´t worry. We should walk a little instead.
  • Forgive me, please. I am allergic to chocolate. I should go to the doctor because I´ve got a stomach ache.
  • Go to the hospital! My dad is a doctor! Don´t panic.
  • What happened? Why are you crying? Emi, answer me, please
  • At hospital...
  • Emily, you are a lucky person. You are good but you shouldn´t go out and you should rest.
  • Not at all. Don´t worry. I am fine and that is the most important! I owe you one!
  • Thanks daddy. You are our hero. Emi was my mistake give you the bar of chocolate. Esxcuse me. 
  • At home..
  • Yes Bruce. Make yourself at home! And don´t give chocolates another day jajaja I am kidding!
  • It´s a pleasure jaja You are so pretty Emi and thank you so much for everything! 
  • You are our savior Bruce! To thank you, you should have dinnear with us, are you agree?