Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Kids! I'm Constance. Me and my friend Cell Man are going to teach you about something called Mitosis . Right now, Cell Man is in the first step of Mitosis which is called Interphase.
  • Anaphase
  • Interphase
  • During Interphase, I am copying my information for the next step.
  • Cell man is in Prophase right now
  • Prophase
  • Telophase
  • During prophase, my chromosomes come together or condense
  • Right now, Cell Man is in Metaphase!
  • Metaphase
  • Cytokinesis
  • During Metaphase, my chromosomes all line up in the middle of me!
  • Now Cell Man is in Anaphase
  • Right now I'm in Anaphase. During this stage, my chromosomes break apart and all go to separate sides.
  • Now Cell Man is in Telophase
  • During Telophase, my body pinches in the middle to get ready to split into 2 cells
  • Cell Man is in the final stage of Mitosis called Cytokinesis
  • I'm now in my final stage of Mitosis. I've split into 2 identical cells.