Updated: 2/6/2020
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  • Scenario: your walking down the street and feel sick an hour later. Someone coughed on you, as you remember, and they didn't look so good. An hour later, you start showing the same symptoms, so you search what it is on the internet, and find an Info-graphic about it.
  • I don't feel too good...*Pulls out phone*
  • It is easy to control, as all you need to do is take medicine for it.
  • It spreads by coughing and breathing on people It makes your lungs fill up with blood It is very much Lethal if not treated You spread it by coughing on people Try your best to cover your mouth when coughing
  • Dont fret, as it is slowly dying.
  • Avoid people who show symptoms. It is contagious.
  • The mortality rate of this disease is 49%
  • It is best to stay at home
  • Ways to avoid and even possibly treat the disease
  • Try Antibiotics or getting sleep Stay in your house and avoid physical contact with everyone, so that you don't spread it It is best to cover your mouth regardless if you have it or not. The flu isn't fun either. See a doctor to be sure if you have TB.
  • Currently, we are creating a vaccine and medicine to eradicate the disease. Here are ways that you can help:
  • If you get coughed on, wash your hands or take a shower. Send us any information you have that we might not know about. Everything helps. Try antibiotics, as they can cure Tuberculosis relatively easily Stop coughing on people altogether. Seriously, Its annoying.
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  • Infection rate:
  • 21st century 20th century 19th century 18th century 17th century
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