my first story board
Updated: 4/12/2020
my first story board

Storyboard Text

  • The new friend The kid in the blue shirt is Jacob The kid in the red shirt is max Jacobs friend goes on a vacation and comes back really suspicious .......
  • hey Jacob i am going to tell you something at recess
  • k see you at recess, bye!
  • at recess
  • so i wanted to tell you that i am going ton vacation .and i am going on vacation for 2 mounts
  • but then who will i play with and who will stop the bully's from hurting me
  • Jacobs part 2 read after maxes part 1you can make some new friends ..
  • when max is at school and Jacob b is on vacation.And while teacher is gone
  • part 1 for Maxplease no don't do this to me.
  • ouchcries;c
  • part one for bullywell well well look who we have here your done nerd:D
  • part 2 bully punches
  • no please don't do this
  • oh no you dont
  • time to beat you up
  • i got your back bud
  • the end!
  • owwwwwwwwww!!!!