Identity Storboard

Updated: 9/2/2021
Identity Storboard

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  • Hello, my full name is Kennedi Michelle Bell. My middle name was inspired by former first lady Michelle Obama because I was born the day Barack Obama got inaugurated, January 20th, 2009.
  • I was born with a loving family, consisting of my older brother, mother, and dog. Right next door to us is my grandparents' place.
  • I sometimes accompany my muslim mom to the central mosque of Charleston. Every summer I go to Atlanta, Georgia and there’s a church I go to with my christian aunt and little cousin. I personally don’t belong to any religion. Even though I’m not an atheist either.
  •  I’m currently a 12 year old 7th grader attending Buist Academy. I don’t have many friends, although Aila and Ashanti are a couple of them.I recently joined a volleyball club outside of school even though I’m a beginner.
  • To me, being American means being a resident of the U.S. or American is your ethnicity. I am American because I was born and raised in North Charleston, South Carolina and I am African American.
  • I Fit into the global community by being fundamentally united with everyone on Earth. I take action as a global citizen by trying to understand the world and how it works. We are all human and should respect each other and ourselves, no matter what.