pursuit of happyness
Updated: 5/23/2020
pursuit of happyness

Storyboard Text

  • here's my application, sir
  • a month later
  • listen i'm going to Noe valley, Chris. Take care of yourself
  • what can i do for you
  • I submitted my application for the intern program a month ago
  • i'm on my way to Noe valley also. How about we share a ride?
  • *convinces him he can solve it*
  • *continues to work on it*
  • i don't believe you can do this no one can
  • *struggles to figure out rubix cube*
  • later that same day
  • Yessir
  • *on other end of phone* Chris? Do you still want to come in and talk?
  • day of the interview
  • *painting instead of the land lord hiring painters and limiting his time to pack since he can't afford rent*
  • *out of breath*I'm sorry i'm late
  • *gets interviewed and gets the internship*