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Storyboard on The Horseman in the Sky for Mr.Garner
Updated: 9/29/2020
Storyboard on The Horseman in the Sky for Mr.Garner
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Storyboard Text

  • The setting starts as a sunny afternoon in the middle of autumn. The wind is nice and cool and the trees were a cool shade of orange, yellow and red. The year is 1861 and Carter Druse is asleep on lookout.
  • Our Main Character Carter Druse Suddenly wakes up and remembers something from his past. He remembers when he first told his father that he was enlisting in the regiment that had rolled into town. He remembers his fathers words but before he could do that he remembers why he is there which is to spy on the base. This sets a theme of war but also
  • He goes over the plan in his head which was to watch the base until Nightfall then they will attack. He remembers his fathers words to him when he joined the regiment which were "Go Carter, and whatever may occur, do what you conceive to be your duty. Virginia to which you are a traitor, must get on without you. Should we both live to the end of the war, we will speak more on the matter." This is the first dialogue to appear in the story and is some of last until the end of the story.
  • A man suddenly appears on the cliff side riding on a horse his head facing the other direction as for his face not to be spotted. Carter Druse aims his weapon at the Horseman as the day starts to darken. But when he sees the man he suddenly starts to shake. The irony in the story is verbal as he realizes that the man sitting on the horse is his father, he takes the shot.
  • Carter Druse is facing Internal Conflict, Rather than external conflict as he is now realizing what he has done which is kill his own father. He shows almost no emotion externally and is distraught.
  • We don't see any reaction from Carter Druse as his commander appears next him asking who he shot. Carter Druse stays quiet not answering him. Through this we see his characterization and how deeply this event must have traumatized him. The commander orders him to answer and what Carter Druse says next shocks the commander. "It was my Father." Says Carter Druse Expressionless.
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