Updated: 5/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! This is our farm.
  • Zzzz
  • And if we play are cards right we could get land next to a small town and sell the crops in town!
  • We are moving to washington! There we can get 640 acres of land because of the donation land claim act! 
  • Hello! My name is Alice and my family and I live and work on this here farm. This is our work dog stella, she helps us out a bunch!
  • One day after I brought in the papers my family and I had a big talk. Ma wanted us to move. At first I was devastated this was where I grew up all my life, but ma was persistent and we stared packing.
  • After a long day of packing we hopped into the wagon and the oxton slowly but surely took off.
  • We claimed land near Centralia and after many years of hard work we had gotten a stable farm. Slowly we started to sell our crops.
  • Recently there was a new invention made. It's called a tractor! My dad uses it for plowing, harrowing, and planting.
  • This changed everything! It made chores on the farm take a lot less time. Now I can spend more time with my family and our dog!