StarGirl Conflict Project

Updated: 10/12/2021
StarGirl Conflict Project

Storyboard Text

  • Person Vs Person
  • Person Vs Self
  • Mmmmm What should I do
  • Person Vs Society
  • Leo and Kevin are arguing cause Kevin wants to put Stargirl on hot seat since she is kind of mysterious like a fake but Leo doesn't so he does not want to put her on hot seat.
  • Leo thinks to himself later on what should he do like should he give in and allow Stargirl to be in hot seat cause later on he thinks she is a fake person.
  • Stargirl is finally in hotseat and everyone is happy and Stargir then makes a funny scene of pretending the seat is actually hot. Afterwards Kevin talks and starts asking question like why is your name Stargirl and Stargirl says she has many different names. Then afterwards the jury start to ask to different question like mean questions like why did you go to someone who don't knows funeral and why do you cheer different teams but ours cause you should be cheering for our team and they start to be so mean that Leo and Mr. Robinoe ended hotseat right then and there and that hotseat episode was never published.