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Updated: 3/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Chofetz Chaim
  • I wonder what examples of the permitted 5 rules of Chol Hamoed are?
  • דבר האבד
  • Sefer
  • Oh No! I'm aware it's Chol Hamoed, but this Sefer is going to be sold out again. If I don't buy it now I'll never get the chance to do so! I think this counts as Dvar H'Avad so I'm good!
  • I need more wine for Yom Tov! Fortunately this falls into the category of Vitzarchi Hamoed, so I'm permitted to buy some!
  • Wine Store
  • וצרכי המועד
  • I know It's Chol Hamoed, but If I don't work now, wont have enough money to buy food. I think I'm allowed to in this circumstance.
  • פועל שאין לו מה יאכל
  • וצרכי רבים
  • The neighborhood is gonna need to get rid of this pothole or there are going to be car crashes! I know it's Chol Hamoed, but I think we have to do this!
  • Food Store
  • I need to go change out the lightbulbs in this room. This isn't something I need to hire a worker for, so it's ok even-though it's Chol Hamoed!
  • ומעשה הדיוט