Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • He isn't wearing a mask?!
  • Do you think he has the new covid virus???
  • Hey there!
  • I need a way to easily know so that I don't infect any close friends or family
  • Hello there sweetie, can you help me?
  • Why isn't she replying??
  • I should get tested today!!
  • I can't go back home now, what if i get my parents or friends sick? My mother has an autoimmune disease
  • Yes, can I get a covid test? I believe I may have been exposed by an individual not wearing a mask
  • Sorry, we are all out of test for the general public but you can get priority testing for $100
  • An integrated mask that can tell you if your saliva or breath has properties of the virus can help be a pre-emptive alarm!
  • People are able to more easily avoid contamination of friends and family through this method as it provides some alertness to the potential virus if contracted