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Updated: 10/7/2020
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For Ms.Yoak

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  • Hey guys! I'm here to tell y'all about the time I encountered zombies. Yep, it was pretty chaotic, but there was some interesting science within that situation.
  • Alright, we've arrived at the portal? What? Oh yeah, the portal through this door will allow me to relive these memories, and you can join me in watching!
  • A ton of things happened at first. So, my friend Lau actually got infected and ended up eating a literal brain stem. He lost all focus after that, my man couldn't even carry a conversation with me for more than 5 seconds.
  • Oh yeah, he also ate my teacher's pons. He had lots of difficulty walking after that, but that wasn't surprising.
  • He gained aggressive behavior when he forgot who I was after eating a cerebellum. Oh yeah, that only worsened after he ate Ashley's midbrain. Funny times...
  • It's whatever though. Next, he ate a thalamus which caused him to forget he was moving. He started walking like a baby after that. After that, he digested a hypothalamus. That's when he got really hungry and ran after me.
  • After that, he ate a cortex, and almost collapsed, for he had lost most of his conscious to walk.
  • Then he ate an occipital lobe and lost his eyesight.
  • Then he ate an amygdala like a cherry, which caused him to fear sounds, in that case, me.
  • And finally, this man ate an entire frontal lobe, which caused him caused him to become an insane crawling beast of madness, poor lad.
  • So yeah, that's the story. What do you mean I'm insane?? Hey, just because it was funny doesn't mean anything! Alright, whatever, I'll talk to you about the cure I created next.
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