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Story board that The gift of the magi- Alexis Ochoa Period 1 Group 2
Updated: 9/25/2020
Story board that The gift of the magi- Alexis Ochoa Period 1 Group 2
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  • Setting
  • Theme
  • Dialogue
  • The gift of the magi's setting takes place in New York City Christmas time. Della and Jim are the main characters of the story, which live in a tiny apartment. This time was 1905 when there where no skyscrapers yet, and had many mass snowfalls.
  • Irony
  • Pawn Shop
  • Wig Shop
  • The theme of the gift of the magi is two lovers, Jim and Della trying to find a gift for each other for Christmas. With ought enough money they are willing to sacrifice objects to give there gifts. This shows they both value there reflation ship more than material things. You can say this story represents sacrifice and love.
  • Conflict
  • .
  • The dialogue gives a voice to characters and allows the readers to make a judgment about Jim and Della. We can say the dialogue of this story is a Della and Jim having the conversation between how they got the presents. This gave us judgment that Jim and Della had deep love for each other to sacrifice belongings.
  • Characterization
  • We still tried
  • When Jim and Della sold there prized possessions to buy each other Christmas presents, this was an example of irony. Della sold her hair to buy Jim a chain for his watch, while Jim sold his watch for a comb Della has always wanted. Selling there most prized possession in order to buy Christmas presents showed how much they really cared for one another.
  • The conflict of the story is when Della and Jim realized the sacrifices they made to buy Christmas presents. Although Della's hair was gone she promised that once her hair grew back, she would use it. as Jim would do the same. At this moment they both decided to put there new prized possessions away until usable.
  • Della and Jim had many characterization during the story. As in the beginning they were struggling with money. This gave Della and Jim a sad and eager emotion. Once they made there sacrifices they were happy and had a giving feature to there emotion. As in the end when they both realized the sacrifices they made. In conclusion, this showed a loving compaction for both of them.
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