freanch and indian war
Updated: 2/5/2020
freanch and indian war
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  • Freanch and indian war
  • proclamation of 1763
  • sugar act
  • the french and Indian war was going on threw 1754 to 1763. it was about The colonist wanted to settle in the Ohio river valley and trade with the Indians who lived there. The effect of it was Great Britain gained all the land of the east of Mississippi river.
  • stamp act
  • The proclamation of 1763 was a thing in 1763 because King George did want any more war. the big effect was that The colonist were upset because they could not battle.
  • quartaing act
  • The sugar act happend in 1764 witch George granville was the creator of the sugar act. The cause of it was The coast of protection for the french and indian war was expensive, so the sugar act taxed merchants
  • Forming of the sons of libertiy
  • The stamp act was created by king george the 3rd in 1765. The main cause of it was that The sugar act was not giving great Britain enough income so they created the stamp act to tax the colonist for paper. The effect the newspaper throughout the colonies reprinted the resolution spending rededicate message to broad audience
  • Once again king geroge the third was that maker of the qurting act in 1765. The cause of it was British officers who was in the French and Indian War found it hard to persuade colonial assemblies to pay for quartering and provisioning of their troops.
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